White Fir Valley GC

German: Golf Club Weisstannen Tal

Located in a small alpine valley this course offers some challenging elevation changes. It playes in a gorgeous alpine value scenario along the river of “Seez”. Players visiting this course can enjoy the sight of some extremly rare spezies either fauna or flora. Please protect this fragile natural environment at best knowledge and responsability.

In order to avoid Tonguebreaking for our english speaking friends, the club decided to go with it’s english name.

Here some impressions on the course:

As there are only 9 holes the club decided to play a special layout on competition days. Here some impressions:

As there are 2 seperate sets of T-boxes and pins for each round, it is the players responsability to play from the correct T-box to the correct pin. Any ball ending up in the wrong hole on any green has to be placed within 1 clublength of that wrong hole, not nearer to the correct hole and to be replayed to the correct hole taking a 1 stroke penalty.

Find this as “White Fir Valley GC (comp)”.