Rheindelta GC

In the delta where the river Rhein joins the Bodensee there …

… is no golf course. If there was on, that’s what it could look like. This 18 hole championship resort would be international as half of the course belongs to Switzerland and the other half of it belongs to Ausria.

The clubs infrastructure contain, clubhouse, driving range, halfway house and a resort like hotel complex. For the hotel guests there is a limousine service from hotel to clubhouse and back available for free. Accomodations can be made in the monastery located on the course as well.

The 18 hole par 72 championship course, where the back t’s are reserved for special events only, offers a wide variety of holes that require accurate course management skills. The scenic landscape allows some breathtaking views onto the bodensee or over the rest of the course. Tip: open your eyes while enjoying your round.

Local rules:

Carts are availabel and allowed on the course with medical attest only.

The droping areas on holes 5 and 13 are compulsory for players who don’t clear the frontal water with their t-shot.

Stones in the bunkers are to be considered movable obstructions and may be removed or free reliefe may be taken.

Distance indicator stakes are in meters to the entry of the greens.

Some impressions of the infrastructure:

2015-11-14_00001 2015-11-14_00002 2015-11-14_00003 2015-11-14_00004 2015-11-14_00005 

and of the course:

2015-11-14_00006 2015-11-14_00007 2015-11-14_00008 2015-11-14_00009 2015-11-14_00010 2015-11-14_00011 2015-11-14_00012 2015-11-14_00013 2015-11-14_00014 2015-11-14_00015 2015-11-14_00016