Crestasee GC

Up in the Swiss alpes there is a Canon called the “Vorderrhein schlucht”. On side of it is build by ancient mountains that have fallen down ages ago.

In this aerea there are 2 little mountain lakes with cristal clear water. The better known of them, the “Gaumasee” is very close to the tourist center of Flims – Laax. The less known Crestasee is a little further down and well hidden in the forrest. The both have neither creaks coming into them or going out of them. Scientists since tried to find out where the water comes from or where it goes to, but this is still an undiscovered secret. Both these lakes during summer time are well known as bathing and relaxing aereas. 

The Crestasee GC is a course that could be build in this scenic lower alpine aerea. The course leads you around the “Crestasee”, offering a wide variation of holes with breathtaking views to the lake and the surrounding landscape. Playing of the standard mens T’s makes the course rather easy and shortish. So it should play well in the proo2tee simulater as well.

Here some pictures of the course:

2015-06-29_00013 2015-06-29_00016 2015-06-29_00012 2015-06-29_00010 2015-06-29_00008 2015-06-29_00006 2015-06-29_00003 2015-06-29_00002 2015-06-29_00006 2015-06-29_00001