Bushmill GC

Somewhere along the highland coast line, there is a little fishers village with a destillery called Bushmill. As the local people where looking for additional business oportunities, the build the Bushmill GC around 

the natural lake just a bit of the shore line. What they created is a very inviting 18 hole championship course and for beginners and players not having a lot of time they added a little 9 hole executive course. The par 70 course integrates gently into the natural landscape wich still is used for extensive farming and ranching. So don’t be estonished when encountering some cattle or sheep on the course.

And most important, don’t ignore there local rule:

hole 19: is mandatory and has to be played with a single malt of the T. Penalty for ignoring: strokeplay: 2 strokes penalty, matchplay: loss of the game.

Have fun and play well.

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