BearBushBay Island GC

Somewhere on this Globe at the border of the see, there is an aerea called BearBushBay with a little island in the middle of the bay.

If there would be a golf course, this little realistic 9 holer shows what it could look a like. Having played this easy relaxing course once you will come back again and again.
Just be carefull to check the scorecard befor you hit your t-shots.

Local rule: Out of Bounds

  • Clubhouse, Drivingrange, Puttinggreen, marked with white stakes.
  • Hole 3, anything left of the brickwall leftside along hole 5 applies to O.B. while playing hole 5 only.
  • Hole 5, Chickenfarm, anything inside the fence.


And here some pictures:

2015-06-12_00002 2015-06-12_00003 2015-06-12_00004 2015-06-12_00005 2015-06-12_00006