Ballflight rules

The actual flight of your golfball allows you to track back the movement an position of your clubhead at impact. The following Table shows the basic flight rules for a golfball.

Ballflight Rules.

This not only allows to name the shots taken, but it is also a very valuable tool for analysing your golfswing. As the resulting flight of your golfball allows you to conclude back on how you have hit the ball. Knowing how you came at the ball this allows you to change and adjust your swing corresponding to achieve the optimal swing for yourself.

Sometimes it is even possible to recongnise the clubheads orientation and path by looking at the divot. Typically the direction of the divot corresponds to the path of the clubhead, whereas the orientation of the entryline of the divot shows the clubface orientation. Conclusions on the clubface orientation are only correct, if the clubheads lie is properly adjusted to the players posture. If it lies to flat or to upright, the form of the divot is falsified.

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