Aaredelta CC

When a river meets a lake or the sea, then the created delta could be used to create a golfcourse. Here’s what the Aare river meeting the Bielersee could look like.

Actually the Aaredelta looks much more cultivated and there is no golfcourse there. But if the Aare was left on its nature the fictional Aaredelta CC could be build there. The naturaly integrated course is mainly located on two islands between the various riverarms the Aare would build. The many stonewalls you will see along the borders of the water are mainly there to protect the course against highwaters when heavy rain is falling in the nearby mountains. The course was build with a minimal input of money and a minimum of landscaping to leave nature as much on its own as possible.

The PAR 72 course with its 6468 meters of total length offers moderately ondulated greens and wide enough fairways to be easily played by golfers of all levels.┬áNormaly this course is played of the yellow and the red T’s. The well set back T’s requiring a high level of accuracy and shot shaping skill are reserved to be played only in the club championship and in the annual Pro challenge.

Carts are only available with medical attest.

Players not clearing the frontal water with there t-shot on holes 1, 5, 10 and 13 must use the mandatory dropping zone and add a 1 stroke penalty to there score.

Water hazards are marked with stakes, yellow = frontal, red = lateral water hazards.

Stones in the bunkers may be considered movable obstructions and reliefe may be taken.

Distance indicators along the fairways are in meters to the entry of the greens.

Here some impressions of the course:

2015-11-07_00001 2015-11-07_00002 2015-11-07_00003 2015-11-07_00004 2015-11-07_00005 2015-11-07_00006 2015-11-07_00007 2015-11-07_00008 2015-11-07_00009 2015-11-07_00010