Welcome to Grizzly Golf

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Do you play golf?


Welcome to our groupe of golf players who play real and/or virtual golf just for the fun of the game. The purpose of this site is to discuss various aspects of our favorite hobby.
If you are a person playing the game of golf for the fun of it and want to meet others with similar ideas, here is the place to be.

What will you find in here

Simple ….. Info’s,  Info’s , Info’s…. and more Info’s …. all about golf …. but you will only find, what someone has published. Why not you?

The platform allows you to publish info’s in a very free and flexible form. All you have to do is to follow some little rules, in order to have your posts ending up at the right place in the right relations.

There are 3 essential steps to follow:

  1. become a Grizzly by signing up to this site.
  2. gain the trust of our leaders (probably the hardest part of it 😉 )
  3. take a decision what you want to be: a player, a course designer, a course reviewer, a lector for posts or ….

and last but most important:

have fun discovering and let it grow.